Tuesday, 28 July 2015

mobile pressure washing business

Every spring she would have my sister and me help her clean out the garage, which was the most dreaded task of spring cleaning. We would clear out the garage and wash everything, and I mean everything, with the hose. 

Sometimes she would put some kind of soap on the garage floor, and then I would spend the next hour trying the spray the soap out of the garage to no avail. The worst parts to clean were the cracks or edges of the garage. They were always filled with dirt and grime, and even if I was able to get some of that dirt out, it would invariably slip back in once I redirected my hose. 

mobile pressure washing business

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  1. I love it because it makes cleaning out the garagev mobile pressure washer so simple, cutting the cleaning time literally in half. It’s a lot more eco-friendly than how my mom had us do it.
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